equivio - zoom in find out
equivio - zoom in find out
A new way to explore document collections.
• Scan. Get the big picture.
• Be intuitive.
• Converge. Focus. Home in. Gotcha.

Themes thinks like you (just faster).

Themes imitates how humans think about the documents they are reading.

  • Maps themes.
    Analyzes semantic content to identify salient themes. This thematic map is like an aerial snapshot of the collection. 
  • Labels themes. 
    Creates meaningful labels to characterize the themes. We call this the vocabulary of themes. The labels are remarkably accurate. Try them. You’ll learn to trust them.
  • Discovers relationships. 
    Charts the network of relationships between themes and documents. This is how we as humans think about themes. Themes are not isolated silos. Themes and documents are inherently interconnected. A key innovation of this new technology is its ability to map those interconnections. 

Explore intuitively.

From vista to gotcha faster than ever before. This is how:

  • Start from the top. 
    Browse the themes in the collection. Get a high-level vista of what’s out there. Open up a theme that seems to be of interest. 
  • Go sideways. 
    View some documents from the theme. If you’re on to something, drill down. Not what you need? The application guides you to related themes. Getting closer now. Navigate from theme to related theme till you find the kind of documents you need. 
  • Drill down. 
    Found what you want? Bingo. 
  • Go sideways again. 
    Grab more of those interesting documents with “find similar”. 
  • Got it. 
    So you’ve found what you want, probably faster than ever before. Faster, because Themes lets you run with it, follow your intuition, trust your instincts. 

Bottom line. Explore like you’ve never explored before.

  • It’s intuitive. 
    Scan the themes in the case collection. Dive in to an interesting theme. Follow a hunch via an interconnected theme. Delve deeper into a promising theme found in one of the documents you encounter. Find more of those interesting documents.
  • A word on the technology. 
    Themes uses an innovative combination of newly emergent text analytics technologies (our R&D lab calls all this “thematic networking”). We overlaid all this mathematics with powerful visualization techniques (we worked very hard to make the visualization very simple).
  • Who uses Themes and when? 
    Themes is used when someone needs to make sense of a collection of documents. For example, in e-discovery, for case planning and strategizing (what early case assessment should be about). Or in investigations, because of its ability to guide you through a collection where you’re not even sure what you’re looking for.