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equivio - zoom in find out
From mission impossible to mission do-able

Mission impossible.

  • Document retention has become a virtual mission impossible.
  • Some organizations define retention schedules, but are unable to implement them.
  • Others don’t even try.

Everything forever.

  • By default, most organizations finish up storing more or less everything, more or less forever.
  • In trying to implement a retention schedule, most organizations adopt a form of drag-and-drop, where every employee has to regularly flag emails and documents across a multiplicity of retention categories.
  • This decentralized approach usually doesn’t work. It’s too much effort. It’s too dispersed. And with every employee interpreting categories differently, there are too many errors.  

Mission do-able.

  • Predictive coding technology is trained to assign documents to retention categories.
  • The training process involves a reasonable level of effort by a small core team.
  • Quality is assured via a focused training process, using a core team of expert resources with a consistent agreed interpretation of the retention categories.
  • Outcomes are statistically quantified and verified.
  • The Equivio solution does not replicate or replace existing repositories. As an add-on to your existing information governance environment, Zoom minimizes project time, cost and risk.