equivio - zoom in find out
equivio - zoom in find out
Re-discover e-discovery.

Zoom’s analytics and predictive coding capabilities re-engineer the entire e-discovery flow: 

  • ECA.
    Zoom in on the most relevant documents to determine case strategy and assess winnability.
  • Culling.
    Find more of the good documents, and less of the bad ones.
  • Prioritized review.
    Start with the most relevant documents, then work back.
  • Stratified review. 
    Divide the collection by relevance. Assign highly relevant documents for in-house review. Assign low scoring documents to outsourced review.
  • Single-pass review. 
    Use Zoom to create a compact review set, eliminating the need for mass-volume first-pass review.
  • Set-centric review.
    Review documents in groups (sets of near-duplicate documents and email threads), rather than document-by-document linear review.
  • Review QA. 
    Identify inconsistencies in tagging of near-duplicate sets and email threads. Cross-match Zoom’s relevance designations against the results of human review. Zoom in on the discrepancies to systemize QA.