equivio - zoom in find out
equivio - zoom in find out
• Systemize quality assurance
• Ensure quality of review output
• Monitor individual reviewers

Focus QA on potential error documents.

  • Overlay Zoom’s relevance designations versus human review.
  • Identify discrepancy documents.
  • Submit discrepancies for adjudication and correction.

Systemize quality assurance for review.

  • Systemize. 
    • Focus QA efforts on documents with high potential for error. 
    • Mine the collection better. Discover responsive documents that were tagged non-responsive.
    • Purify the production. Discover non-responsive documents that were tagged responsive.
    • Identify inconsistencies in tagging of near-duplicate sets and email threads.
  • Monitor.
    Measure individual performance via discrepancy statistics per reviewer.
  • Feedback. 
    Perform discrepancy-based QA early in review cycle to identify systematic review errors. Correct reviewer guidance accordingly.

Improve quality to reduce risk.

  • Enhance quality of production deliverable.
  • Enable early identification of systematic review team errors.
  • Identify under-performing reviewers.