equivio - zoom in find out
equivio - zoom in find out
• Prioritized review
• Stratified review
• Single-pass review
• Set-centric review

Review by relevance. Review by groupings.

  • Prioritized review.
    Start with the most relevant documents, then work back.
  • Stratified review.
    Divide the collection by relevance. Assign highly relevant documents for in-house review. Assign low scoring documents to outsourced review.
  • Single-pass review.
    Use Zoom to create a compact review set, eliminating the need for first-pass review.
  • Set-centric review.
    Review documents in groups (sets of near-duplicate documents and email threads), rather than document-by-document linear review.

Analytics-powered review.

  • Less to review. 
    Zoom’s predictive coding capability homes in on the relevant documents. So you can review fewer documents, while discovering more of the relevant documents.
  • Accelerated review. 
    Accelerate case development by zooming in first on the most relevant material.
  • Efficient review. 
    Review sets of near-duplicates and email threads. Focus on unique data only. Skip the redundant data that you’ve already seen. You’ll have a better chance of finding what you need to find.
  • Effective review. 
    Have your best review resources read the most important material. Assign document clusters to review teams specializing in given topic areas.
  • Consistent review. 
    Bulk tag groups of near-dupes and email threads. 

Less risk and less cost.

  • Less risk. 
    • Assign high-potential, high-risk documents to high-grade review resources.
    • Virtually eliminate consistency errors by reviewing near-dupes and emails in groups.
    • Reduce risk of missing potentially critical information by suppressing redundant data.
  • Less cost. 
    • Stratify review so that low-risk documents are reviewed by low-cost resources.
    • Skip first-pass review.
    • Review in sets for cost savings of 30-50%.