equivio - zoom in find out
equivio - zoom in find out
Early Case Assessment
• Can we win?
• At what cost?
• Should we fight or flee?

Zoom in on the key data. Then strategize.

  • Probe the collection.
    Use Zoom’s search tool for rapid probing of the repository.
  • Suppress redundant data.
    Use Zoom’s near-duping and email threads to suppress redundant data. Focus your time-sensitive ECA efforts on unique data only.
  • Zoom in.
    Quickly train Zoom to isolate the most relevant documents. Review them to assess strengths and weaknesses, and your chances of winning the case. 
  • Estimate costs.
    Use Zoom to estimate richness and assess potential review costs. 
  • Strategize.
    Decide on a fight or flee strategy based on your assessments of winnability and costs.

Putting the "Assessment" Back into ECA.

  • Informed assessment of risk. 
    Today, ECA usually consists of a series of ad hoc keyword searches for relevant data. Zoom transforms ECA into a systematic review of the critical documents. This allows you to make rational, well-informed assessments of whether the case can be won, and how.
  • Informed assessment of cost. 
    Standard ECA methodologies use a heuristic mix of historical case data and intuition to estimate the likely costs of incoming litigation. By contrast, Zoom’s decision-support system provides statistically valid assessments of potential review volumes. This eliminates the guesswork from review cost estimates.