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Press Releases 2013

Equivio Announces "Themes" -- Breakthrough Analytics for Mapping Content Relationships across Document Collections

Kensington, MD, January 29, 2013 – Equivio, a provider of analytical solutions for e discovery, today announced that it has launched Themes, a breakthrough content analytics application that identifies themes and thematic relationships across document collections. Intended for the use of lead litigators, legal strategists and investigators, Themes enables the rapid and intuitive exploration of a case repository. Themes is part of Zoom, Equivio's end-to-end e-discovery platform for predictive coding and analytics.

"For our users, the key value of Themes is its ability to automatically map the underlying network of semantic content across a document collection," said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. "This thematic map completely transforms the task of browsing a document collection. By imitating natural thought processes, Themes allows users to explore the collection in an intuitive, associative manner."

Equivio developed Themes using a unique combination of newly emergent text analytics technologies and innovative visualization techniques. Imitating how human beings review and think about documents, Themes analyzes the repository to identify and abstract salient themes. One of the fundamental innovations in Themes is its ability to identify relationships and interdependencies between themes. This allows the user to browse associatively across the collection, navigating intuitively from theme to related theme. Thematic analysis technology also yields semantic groupings, group labels and “find similar documents” of a level and quality not possible with previously existent clustering applications.

By generating meaningful labels for each thematic group, Themes provides an immediate snapshot of a document collection. In early case assessment and investigations, this fully-automated capability provides lead litigators and analysts an informed and rapid overview of the data set. As the user digs down to explore document themes of interest, the application suggests related themes and similar documents. This helps users quickly home in on areas of critical interest.

Milo continued, “Themes is yet another game-changer from Equivio’s R&D lab. By empowering intuition, Themes allows lead litigators and investigators to transition from high-level overview, to the data detail they need, faster and more intuitively than ever before. We are delighted to bring this innovative new capability to our customers.”

Equivio will be demonstrating Themes at LegalTech NY 2013, Booth #1311 from January 29-31.

About Zoom

Zoom combines Equivio's best-of-breed Relevance application for predictive coding, with advanced analytics including theme analysis, near-duplicates, email threads and language detection. Zoom can be used for early data assessment as well as significantly reducing review set volumes and enabling prioritized review. The Zoom components are seamlessly integrated on a unified web-based platform for easy access and use. The unified platform approach eliminates the need for moving data between applications, shortening data handling cycles and reducing the risk of errors.

About Equivio

Equivio develops text analysis software for e-discovery. Users include the DoJ, the EPA, KPMG, Deloitte, plus hundreds of law firms and corporations. Equivio offers Zoom, an integrated web platform for analytics and predictive coding. Zoom organizes collections of documents in meaningful ways. So you can zoom right in and find out what’s interesting, notable and unique. Request a demo at info@equivio.com or visit us at www.equivio.com. Zoom in. Find out.


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